G62 Hp Laptop Problems

I bought G62 HP Laptop last October 2011 it works great last year but in this year 2013, arises many problems.

The first problem is that i properly shutdown my g62 laptop after work but in the next day i opened it, it doesn't turn on anymore, i do not know what is the problem with this, the power light indicator has a light, it means there is a power.
I followed the steps in the internet forum sites to unplug the power cord remove the battery and press the power button for 25 seconds, it works but sometimes it doesn't.
Second problem is that some of my keyboard keys doesn't function anymore,like print screen and canc.
Third is a message appeared "cmos checkup is invalid" and it reset the time to january 1, 2009.

I wanted to send my laptop to technician to have a repair so that there will be no delays in my work.

I wrote this post hoping that somebody knows and will help me to fix my problem.  You are welcome to put your comments and suggestions to me. Thank you.



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